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October: A month of diverse, varied, miscellaneous, assorted, various, and sundry activities

A wide variety of activities flowed through my office last month. You can read the posted town board minutes and get a feel for the varied tasks that cross a supervisorís desk, but so many other aspects of the daily goings-on of a supervisor go unreported. Here is a sampling of the diverse and assorted activities that occurred in October.

I met with residents from Canning Road, Ganong Drive, Nashville Road, Bucks Corners Road, Burnt Hill Road, and Pup Hill Road about six different topics that they were interested in. The Town Board is interested in getting an LED sign for Town Hall and, after emailing a company in Florida, I spoke with the representative regarding a price quote. We incorrectly received a workerís compensation claim from a lawyer in Albany, and that had to be addressed. A lot of the month was spent working on putting together a preliminary budget for 2015. I attended an insurance-sponsored training on safety and represented the Town at a Chamber of Commerce event.

Speaking to a government class at Saranac Central School was again a pleasurable event for me as I got to go back into the classroom mode I was familiar with for 20 years. I was able to visit with the Saranac Playgroup briefly and enjoyed seeing the smiling young faces in town hall. I met with an insurance agent regarding health insurance. Another insurance agent was addressed as we look to provide an ice rink under the pavilion behind Town Hall this winter.

We were on the phone with Charter, bought by Comcast, regarding updating digital television service. There were phone calls to DEC in Raybrook, Saranac Elementary School, Clinton County Real Property, and the engineering firm in Rochester that is overseeing the Square Dashnaw Bridge. I talked to our lawyer regarding writing up a Best Value policy for purchasing.

A Clinton County Health Department representative met with Redford and Saranac water district representatives in the supervisorís office before her inspection of two of the three water districts. A trip to our Industrial Park site, a federal System for Award Management renewal reminder, concerns about updating our website, getting ready for the town hall pellet boiler, attending to details concerning the Local Waterfront Revitalization Project at Picketts Corners Park, and visiting with our Legislator, Patty Waldron, took place this past October.

And I remembered to water the mums out front under our signboard each Friday


Supervisor, Town of Saranac
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